(It's always difficult to know how to start...)

I have a new website, with more detail about the various different kind of things I make and work I do - please click here to head to my new site.


I am a London-based theatre- and game-maker, and general creative magpie. I am currently Digital Artist for Headlong and one of the co-founders of Total Party Kill!, a company dedicated to adapting tabletop roleplaying game systems for live performance. I am also directing NewsRevue at the Canal Cafe Theatre until the end of February. I also sometimes stage work through my company Dissolve Theatre.


I'm interested in working out how to tell stories with people, rather than simply to them. I want to make work that creates communities, stretches peoples' imaginations, acknowledges audiences and players and is instantly responsive to their input. 


Some of the things I like: Long-form improvisation / Fight Like Apes' music / Theatre in the round / Interactive theatre / Using magic in performance / Indie video games / Storytelling / Kaufmans (Andy and Charlie) / Clowning / the game queers in love at the end of the world / Horror theatre / One-on-one performance / Folk stories


I also like the work of companies such as Slung Low, Improv EverywhereOntroerend GoedMade in China and Filter.


I am also the kind of person who would hide hidden messages and links around their website.