Some of the past productions I have worked on as an assistant director.

I also sometimes write things, like this.

Or design sound, like this.

the war has not yet started, Theatre Royal Plymouth, 2016

Director: Michael Fentiman
Writer: Mikhail Durnenkov
A piece of new Russian writing, featuring twelve separate scenes linked by their exploration of themes related to war, such as paranoia, compassion and violence.
**** 'A hilarious and startling play about conflict in all its forms.' - The Stage
Photo credit: Steve Tanner

The Man With The Hammer, Theatre Royal Plymouth, 2016

Director: Justin Audibert
Writer: Phil Porter
A play about addiction, deception and devotion, following three people united by their passion for cycling and featuring a cast racing on static bikes throughout. 
**** 'Powerfully written and performed, evocatively lit and inventively directed and designed.' - The Stage
Photo credit: Steve Tanner

Monster Raving Loony, Plymouth Theatre Royal, 2016

Director: Simon Stokes
Writer: James Graham
A comedy following the life of Screaming Lord Sutch, founder of the Monster Raving Loony party, which mixed live music and video with scenes in the style of different British comedies.
***** 'Offers plenty of laughs, interspersed with moments of heartbreaking darkness and despair […] Simply brilliant theatre.’ - WhatsOnStage
Photo credit: Steve Tanner

The Whipping Man, Plymouth Theatre Royal, 2015

Director: Tom Attenborough
Writer: Matthew Lopez
A drama set in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War, exploring the shifting relationships and identities of freed slaves and an ex-master in a Jewish household.
**** 'Thought-provoking and gripping [...] simmering with mounting tension' - The Stage
Photo credit: Steve Tanner

City Stories, St James Theatre Studio, 2014 & 2015

Director/writer: James Phillips
A series of interconnected monologues and duologues, accompanied by original live music, telling stories of love and magic in London. 
**** ‘Raw, informal and quietly profound […] Rosabella Gregory's melancholy melody underpins the strong scripts which, under writer James Phillips' direction, pack a lot of action and a whirlwind of activity into a small space.’ - One Stop Arts
Photo credit: James Phillips

Mucky Kid, Theatre 503, 2013

Director: James Farrell
Writer: Sam Potter
A drama, inspired by true stories, tracing a young murderer’s real and imagined exploits during a brief escape from prison. 
***** 'Richly tragic viewing [...] a powerful, engaging production that is definitely worth watching' - One Stop Arts
Photo credit: Nik Corrall

A Tale of Two Cities, King's Head Theatre, 2013

Director: Adam Spreadbury-Maher
Writer: John Gielgud & Terence Rattigan
The first-ever professional production of Gielgud and Rattigan’s adaptation of Dickens’ novel.
**** 'A production that would be an absolute delight if it weren't so very heartbreaking' - The Public Reviews

59 Minutes to Save Christmas, The Barbican, 2012

Director: Alan Lane
An interactive adventure for families played in the foyer spaces of the Barbican, with audiences enlisted to save Christmas from an evil genius trying to wipe out the holiday.
‘Fast paced, innovative and utterly involving, this is immersive theatre in its purest form’ – The Stage 

Photo credit: Susana Sanroman

A Progress, Yard Theatre, 2012

Director/Writer: Carl Heap
An adaptation of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, played in a medieval theatre style and featuring puppetry, live music and songs.
**** ‘Resourceful and witty […] reminds us what a pure joy theatre can be’ – TimeOut 

Photo credit: Mila Sanders

Much Ado About Nothing, Cambridge Arts Theatre, 2011

Director: Carl Heap
A production of Shakespeare’s comedy played in a medieval theatre style with live music and songs. 
***** ‘Whether a fan of Shakespeare’s works or not, Much Ado about Nothing is a must-see and will provide you with an evening full of laughter.’ - Varsity
Photo credit: Mila Sanders

'I could well be up for this. Will it be your tab this time?...And do you want your cat back?'

Audience response, as part of my installation Faithful