The things that I'm up to right now.

I also sometimes write things, like this.

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I am directing the 18th Jan-25th Feb dates of NewsRevue at Canal Cafe Theatre. NewsRevue is the world's longest running comedy and incorporates songs and sketches, updated weekly and based off current news stories. My role as director on the show also encompasses writer, script editor and choreographer.

The Last Thing Left - Headlong Digital Artist​

I am currently developing an audio game, The Last Thing Left, in my role as Headlong's Digital Artist. Originally commissioned as a piece responding to the theme of war, The Last Thing Left will use zero visuals, touchscreen controls and detailed soundscapes to allow player-listeners to explore an unspecified city at different stages of conflict. A variety of monologues from different citizens living in the city look at different relationships people have to war, and how conflict shifts everyday lives.

I am the writer and director of the game, working with Alex Heeton as game developer and Kieran Lucas as sound designer. It will feature the voices of Katherine Alcock, Zoe Mills and Daniel York, and the project is being mentored by Tassos Stevens.

You can read blog posts on the making of The Last Thing Left here.


Adventurers Wanted

I am one of the co-producers of Total Party Kill! and a co-creator of Adventurers Wanted (alongside Chris Hislop). Total Party Kill! is a company devoted to adapting tabletop roleplaying game structures for live performances, and Adventurers Wanted is the banner under which we have been staging Dungeons & Dragons-inspired performances. 

We took a 250-hour long version of Adventurers Wanted to Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, followed up by 4 short performances for Brighton Horrrorfest. We are currently developing shows for 2018. 

Adventurers Wanted takes the core of Dungeons & Dragons - a group of players explore a setting entirely described and performed by the Games Master, resulting in a story which is created and told by the group. Drawing on the theatricality of our home games, we want to create performances that foreground oral storytelling, improvisation and rough theatre conventions. 

All Adventurers Wanted performances are livestreamed and livetweeted; we have an archive of all shows on our Youtube channel, as well as a highlight playlist which features some of our favourite moments and give a sense of what the shows are like.