Puppet theatre revivals of past shows.

Scene-by-scene, hand-drawn storyboards of past shows.

Photos/videos/music from past shows.

NewsRevue, Canal Cafe Theatre, 2018

NewsRevue is the longest-running comedy show in the world, with a new director and cast every six weeks. The show is updated every week, with around 1/3 of the sketches and song parodies that it consists of changing every time. As director, I was also writing, choreographing and editing scripts for the show.

Cast: Susannah Austin, Alex Dowding, Emily Jane Kerr, Jack Mosedale 


I Won't Make It On My Own, Nuffield Southampton Theatres, 2017

Devised with the cast and including contributions from people around Southampton, the show combined multiple storylines and gentle interaction to explore how what we make impacts on and reflects our identity, worth and relationships. Made with: Cassandra Bond, Eleanor Crosswell, Sam Wilde, Joshua Gadsby, Charlie Brown


Inheritance, Plymouth Fringe Festival, 2016

A one-on-one piece exploring loneliness, connection and the lasting effects others have on our lives, Inheritance involved audiences listening to a recorded monologue whilst interacting with a mute performer.

Audience responses: "Thankyou for the most personal, moving and powerful theatre I've ever experienced. I've never seen any show like it. It took me somewhere new and left me feeling spoilt and changed."

"Thankyou so much for Inheritance. Myself and my girlfriend's hearts were warmed (me) and broken (her)."


A Doll's House, Space Arts Centre, 2015

A non-literal staging of Ibsen's classic, with a contemporary soundtrack and the play's alternate ending. Made with: Greta Gould, Johan Hallstrom, Jason McKell, Jack Hudson, Rachel Handshaw, Grace Smart, Tom Webber

**** 'A fine and surprising revival [...] a bold and seriously smart new version, it speaks of a director and company actively engaged in finding those unexplored places, those pockets of fresh air and ideas, that can still be unearthed in such a well-trodden play.' Exeunt

'There is really so much to like about this production [...] it constantly feels smartly contemporary [and is] acted with real precision and drive.' Postcards from the Gods


Object Love, VAULT Festival, 2015

An exploration of objectum-sexuality, inspired by exclusive interviews with members of the OS community about their relationships with objects. Made with: Cindy-Jame Armbruster, Michaela Brooks, Harki Bhambra, Grace Smart

**** "There is a stunning beauty in Mashiter's writing [...] she has researched with care and understanding and has written a play that is so delicate and tender [...] that one is drawn completely into this production." The New Current

'A bold new piece of writing with something to capture the attention of even the most jaded theatregoers." views from the gods


SPARK, VAULT Festival, 2014

A reworking of Burger's classic gothic ballad Lenore, using storytelling, music and magic in an exploration of loneliness, death and love. Made with: Holly Campbell, Maud Young, Jon Armstrong

**** "Truly mesmerising [...] a sense of Gothic horror always in the background." views from the gods

**** "Reminiscent of The Turn of the Screw [...] an excellent psychological thriller." remotegoat


Swindlestock, Rose Bruford College, 2013

A folk-musical about real-life riots in Oxford in the 1300s, performed in rough-theatre style in the round at the Rose Theatre.

Written by Iona Twiston-Davies and Tomas Wolstenholme, Swindlestock was performed by a combination of Acting and Actor-Musicianship students at Rose Bruford College.